Sorry for my absence this week….

Warning: this post mentions hallucinations, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, my distressing thoughts and voices and the darkness I’m feeling right now. If this may be distressing or triggering for you, please take care.

…. It has been a very bad week. I am sorry for not posting for a while. As I do not have the internet at home at the moment it’s difficult anyway. It has also been a really bad week. The hallucinations are growing / getting more frequent and it’s scary. I am so so tired and really wish I could escape and things all stop. I’m so scared and I wish someone were with me, I wish someone would hold me and tell me it would be alright although in my head it never, never is and I feel so stupid and needy and incompetent and childish and everything else for so much needing that right now. I feel so alone. It hurts but it’s numb as well. I really need to be able to talk to and see a friend but the only two people who live close by are just too busy, their lives too full and too difficult already and I know I would be everyone’s last choice to spend time with, kind as they are, and as much as they have given me. I cannot ask for more. Then the horrible monster inside me tells me that if I had a friend feeling like this and needing help I’d go to be with her straight away, why am I always alone and not allowed anyone? Then the guilt comes crashing back, how dare I be so childish and needy, greedy, ugly, disgusting, go on, get it out, cut and cut and scratch and vomit til you get it all out you sick revolting evil thing…

I want it to stop. I nearly ended it last night. There is really a limit somewhere and mine has been reached over and over again. It’s very dark right now.

I need to write and want to write and perhaps this will build some way to keep going.

Ginny xx

4 thoughts on “Sorry for my absence this week….

  1. I know what you’re going through, well, not exactly, but I hear voices and struggle with self-harm. I also have an eating disorder. If you need to talk, I’m here.


    1. Dear Angellic, thank you very much for your support. I am very sorry that you are struggling too. It sounds like we have some experiences in common. I have not met many people who also hear voices. Can I ask, do you have any particular way that you cope or respond to it when they come? I really don’t know what to do. I am going to have a medication review with a psychiatrist though it will probably be a way off. Though my GP says he doesn’t think it shows I have another condition as well as the BPD, CPTSD etc, I’m still scared. Please don’t feel obliged to answer my question at all. I know it’s personal and painful. It does help to talk. Thank you.
      Ginny xx


      1. I just tell people when it happens and get them a change. I haven’t really found any coping skills that work. A med change.


      2. I’m sorry again for my slow reply I really have rubbish internet access at the moment! I really am grateful for your comments. Yes it is good that medication can help and I hope that you have some medication that helps you at the moment. I am due to see the psychiatrist for a medication review next week. Which is good. My 1:1 therapist managed to get me an appointment much quicker than I thought it would come up. Good in a way and I’m thankful – although maybe also not good if it’s an emergency and means things are really bad?! 😛 Thank you very much for reading. How are things with you? Ginny x


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