I’m scared

I’m scared. I’m scared of the memories and scared of the hallucinations. I’m scared of what SHE did to me and the thought she got pleasure in it and what she accused my father of…

I’m scared of what I hear and see and remember and I don’t want it and I’m trying to block it out with the TV always on. I only know after that it’s not real and after I’ve been so scared.

Am I going to stop knowing they aren’t real?  

6 thoughts on “I’m scared

  1. Keep writing honey. They feel so real but I promise you they aren’t. I had to ask my sister this morning if we had had an argument today. I truly believed we did xx

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  2. Oh no… I am so sorry honey. I wish I could be there with you. That’s so hard for you. Does anything help? I struggle with flashbacks and hallucinations some of which are to do with traumatic memories and fears so I know a bit what it’s like.
    I sleep with the TV on because they come too quickly in the silence.
    I’m sorry that I only just saw this comment now.
    How are you today?xxx


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