I’msorry for getting so behind

I’m sorry for getting so behind on responding to comments and visiting other blogs. I owe several replies and I’m not ignoring you, I’m sorry. In the past few weeks I seem to have been almost constantly under the weather with colds / flu and my fibromyalgia has really flared up now – I’m quickly fatigued, have a lot of pain, glands inflamed etc. Together with the endometriosis it isn’t a great combination. I spent most of yesterday and today sleeping (I wasn’t well enough to go to group therapy yesterday) apart from some attempts at cleaning up my flat. I feel so useless right now.

You are in my thoughts and I’m very grateful to you for still reading when I’m so rubbish at keeping in touch. I promise I’ll get back to you as soon as possible and I’m sorry for being useless.

Ginny xxx

6 thoughts on “I’msorry for getting so behind

  1. You are not useless! You’re just having a rough time right now…take good care of yourself, you deserve it. xoxoxo


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