“Keep to two subjects, the weather and everybody’s health”

“Keep to two subjects, the weather and everybody’s health”

“She’s to keep to two subjects – the weather and everybody’s health.” – Henry Higgins, “My Fair Lady” (the musical)

I rather like the quote I stumbled across a few years ago,  I can’t remember where, along the lines of: I hate it when anyone starts talking about the weather because I instantly begin to suspect they are avoiding talking about something else!  It’s true I think.  I’ve also read that the two topics on which normally reserved British people strike up a conversation with strangers are the weather and delays to public transport. Again, probably true, I think.

Nevertheless today’s weather was rather worthy of note. I woke up to sunshine, though it was very cold. It then began to pour although only half the sky was cloudy. I walked to my Tuesday coffee group in sunshine and a cold wind. Beautiful deep pink blossom was coming into bloom in the park, almost overnight. Here is a photo of it (sorry not fantastic because of the strong breeze). Rain returned and then I left group in a mixture of snow and hail lasting several minutes. Hail when it’s almost May?!

Ginny xx


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