Do you think hope is a choice?

Two things were said to me yesterday which have given rise to strong feelings and thoughts for me.

The first was that hope is always there and it’s a choice and we choose whether to accept or deny it.

The second was that healing of even awful pain is possible but we have to want it.

These statements and what they imply and the thoughts they lead to are very hard for me.

Tomorrow I will post again on this topic. For now I’m really interested to know what you think. Do you agree? What do you think? Do the statements imply particular things for you or give rise to strong feelings?

I know it’s a bit strange without the context but I did not want to cloud the issue with my own strong interpretations and what I felt. Tomorrow I’ll write about that…but first I’m really interested in any thoughts you may want to share in the comments.

Thank you.

Ginny xxx

4 thoughts on “Do you think hope is a choice?

    1. Thank you for taking time to share Daisy. I agree making choices does empower us. Do you find this applies to feelings, emotions, memories, health even, in the same way it does to what we choose to do?xx


  1. I think it’s no different than telling someone to be happy. You can’t just flip a switch and umph you have hope or happiness etc. You can think more positive but to me positivity is an action whereas hope or recovery are things.


    1. Thank you for taking the trouble to comment. I am inclined to agree. In a way hope is an emotion and you can’t just experience it because you choose to. We can choose to try to find things to give thanks for but we are not necessarily in control of what we feel. Xx

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