My original “About this blog” from 2015

Note added in September 2022 – I  wrote the below in 2015 when I first started this blog. I have decided to leave it up, partly because it’s interesting to see the original intention of writing. Please bear in mind that much has changed for me since I wrote it!

A much-needed update is my current summary page of who I am and why I’m writing.


I am in the midst of living with a number of psychiatric diagnoses, including borderline personality disorder, OCD, anxiety and depression.  For many years, I have at times written through my and my loved ones’ experiences of mental ill health – and health. Following much consideration (still ongoing), I decided to begin this blog.  One of the important elements in the treatment programme I’m currently undertaking is sharing experiences with others, discovering experiences in common, emotions in common, and through this very gradually growing in confidence and understanding of my own mind and others’. Something else I find particularly important and interesting – and yes, challenging and frightening at times – is considering the questions and views and feelings of those close to me. Writing can help me as well, exploring emotions and experiences, highlighting patterns, changes, joys, sadness, etc, that might otherwise go unnoticed. These are just a few reasons I decided to begin this blog now. I hope it may help and interest someone, as well as me. I’ll explore more the things I do and don’t hope to cover/achieve with this site in another post.

To tell you a little about myself – I am in my early thirties and live in East Anglia in the UK. I work part-time as a secretary. In the past I have worked voluntary and paid in admin and support roles in psychiatric services, as well as now being a user of these services myself. One of my parents, as well as some close friends, have struggled long-term in their mental health. So this field is very important to me.

Thank you very much for visiting.


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