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31 Days of Summer Lovin’: Day 16 – Dreamy


With thanks to Soul Seaker for creating this challenge – for details and acknowledgements please click HERE.

Anna Rose, sleep well tonight

The stars are dancing on the carpet of the sky


Time to close your wondering eyes

Where I see the sleepiness creeping

Anna Rose, makes my heart smile, to know you give love so freely

Anna Rose, makes it worthwhile, your love makes me see things so clearly…

With thanks to NibbNltts for the video

I’ve probably shared this before but I love this gentle lullaby by Vienna Teng and it seemed appropriate to today’s theme of “Dreamy”. If I had a daughter I would sing this to her at night. I have two goddaughters and when I’m with them, their love and curiosity and enjoyment has a restorative and hopeful power.

Ginny xxx


All I want is to be your harbour

Sail your sea, meet your storm. All I want is to be your harbour. The light in me will guide you home, all I want is to be your harbour. Fear is the brightest of signs – the shape of the boundary you leave behind….

I love this song by Vienna Teng, “Harbour“. I feel it will inspire a couple of posts over the next few days 😉

I pray I can grow stronger and be able to be there for the people I care about so much, as a safe place and a harbour and a faithful, un-judging, unwavering, companion. I pray we can all find our own harbour.

To everyone who sails this turbulent sea and just by being here, helps me meet this storm –


Ginny xxx


Lullaby for a Stormy Night – 2

I thought that the title of this series required some explanation – why Lullaby? “Lullaby for a Stormy Night” is a song by Vienna Teng, to which I have posted a link below.  I was very moved when I first heard it, the gentle piano music and the words promising the child acceptance, empathy, love and never to be left, seeming to answer a fundamental need for this safety that I think we all have – and showing a love that I hope I would be able to give to any child I should ever care for.

Here is a link to “Lullaby”, with thanks [please note this video is not mine, I am simply gratefully sharing]:

I very much like several of Vienna Teng’s songs and identify with the lyrics – if you like the above I think it’s worth listening to “Anna Rose” and “Harbor”, in particular.