This week, I will…

I’m trying to turn things around. It feels as though things have been spiralling down and down since Christmas. Since I spoke to the police, I think things are starting to shift almost imperceptibly. It is true it hasn’t been easy and I cannot change the hurt, but I think there are a few positive things I can try to keep doing, which I have given up on in the last months because it was just too dark and painful.

Inspired by one of a2eternity’s posts (you can visit her wonderfully frank and brave blog at ) I am making a list of some things that I am going to commit to trying to do this week:

  • Every day before bed, I will write down 5 things that I am thankful for in that day.
  • I will do something creative every day – a bit of my colouring books, make a card, take a photo, write a card to a friend, whatever it be.
  • I will do something positive for my body every day (like do my makeup, have a nice bath with some bath foam, put on some moisturiser) even when I am hearing voices telling me how ugly, foul and disgusting I am.
  • I will choose a passage from the Bible that encourages me with hope in God’s unconditional love for us. Whenever the voices tell me to hurt myself, whenever I hear them saying I’m evil and a fake, when the flashbacks come, I will repeat this line in place of what the voices say.
  • Something that I have meant to do for a long time: I will think about what I could put in my memory box and find a box to use (I’ll post again about what this is for, later in the week).

Here’s to thankfulness.

Ginny xxx

4 thoughts on “This week, I will…

  1. Love this post! When I was in outpatient therapy for anxiety and depression, I was encouraged to make daily and weekly goals that looked a little something like yours. Finding things I was daily thankful for was especially helpful. Good luck!


  2. Hey Ginny, this is similar to something I have been doing for the last 6 months and let me tell you it makes a huge difference. Sometimes you won’t want to do the gratitude but do it anyway, it will shift your thoughts. Try a bit of meditation if you like also. 10 mins after you’ve said what you’re grateful for, it really helps to quieten the lies that go on in our head. Best of luck. x

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  3. Thank you for that. That is an encouraging thing to hold onto, that the gratitude helps quieten the lies. I am very bad at meditation. I’d like to try to go further with it. When I was in hospital we practised mindfulness in a group. I’m very happy you’ve found these things help you xx


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