Some “good” gynae news

This morning I’ve been feeling more encouraged after a positive outcome at the gynaecology clinic. (Apologies gents who may wish to read no further 🙂 !) I know this is off my usual topics but I thought I’d share some good news.

I’ve had extremely painful periods as long as I can remember, especially over the past 10 years, very  heavy and painful. I’ve been in A&E 3 times in the last year or so because of it, have low iron levels, distressing bladder symptoms too which are apparently connected as the endometriosis has grown across the bladder; all in all it is having a big impact on my life. This year I’ve had to take days off work because of it.

Today I finally had an appointment with a specialist at the hospital. It has taken so long to get a referral, after trying several different medications and having scans. She was very compassionate and thorough. I am going to have an MRI scan of my womb and then a minor operation partly to investigate, partly to remove endometriosis  (hopefully – if it’s too bad they won’t be able to do it at the same time and would need to operate again), and to insert a coil (I didn’t really want this but it may be one of the only options).

I’m so grateful that at long last the problem is being investigated and treated rather than just trying different tablets which all affect your hormones a lot, which “should” help because it’s “probably” this or that, without really knowing what is going on. It has taken years to get here but now I’m feeling optimistic there will be some answers at least, even if the operation doesn’t get rid of the problem straight away.

This has to be the first time for a while where it feels as if things are moving in the right direction!

Ginny xxx

3 thoughts on “Some “good” gynae news

  1. Fantabulous news Ginny !
    So happy for you,..Again,I’m in the same situation ( Gynaecology -wise ) ..No I’m not some mad woman that’s copying you- but my physical /emotional & spiritual difficulties literally seem to mirror yours. Which to me,is kind of a comfort because it proves that Severe sustained Trauma follows a real medical ‘route’ in our bodies ! We can keep their awful secrets,but our Bodies are screaming for someone to see how hurt we are !
    Great news that your body has finally been heard & now compassionately xxx


    1. Thank you! I am often interested, with people I meet through this blog and in my therapy group, how we may have had very different backgrounds but share some experiences in common and certainly share in our struggles. More and more I’m starting to see how what we go through emotionally can really physically affect our bodies too.
      I had the letter through following my appointment, confirming that I’m going to have the procedures discussed in the appointment.
      I like what you said about our bodies being heard. Perhaps our bodies make themselves heard better than we can make ourselves heard emotionally, sometimes, though equally often it takes a long time for physical symptoms to be taken seriously.
      Did you manage to find support for you for your physical health and gynae issues?xxx


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