“In a most delightful way…”

“In a most delightful way…”

“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way!”
(Mary Poppins)

Channel 4 airs a programme called “Gogglesprogs” which is an off-shoot of “Gogglebox”. Children are filmed watching and reacting to a selection of television programmes from the previous week.

Tonight the children were watching “Mary Poppins”. The nannies started blowing away from the Banks’ front door as Mary Poppins arrived. “That’s so unrealistic,” complained one child. Later, during the song “A spoonful of sugar”, one young boy mused “Do you ever think [Julie Andrews] was on drugs when she made this?!” and a girl worried, “A spoonful of sugar? That’s a LOT of sugar!” (Oh, do we have to have a modern health conscious version these days? Just a spoonful of low GI anti-oxidant kale juice with whatdoyoucallit berries…)

I laughed but also wondered whether we’ve lost the magic along the way somewhere!

Nevertheless, I was pleased to see that most of the children quickly had the measure of “Made in Chelsea” and how staged and false the interactions are. It worries me that they have such young children watch this kind of programme (the youngest must only be 7 or so), however saying that, they seemed eminently sensible in their judgements!

Ginny xxx 🙂

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