WHOOPS: An apology from this technology Dodo (…or, doh!-do…)

Erm, so, I’ve just discovered that I’ve been missing a whole load of notifications of replies to comments, especially on your blogs, because I didn’t realise where I was supposed to look for them… think this has been going on ever since I started this blog…Sometimes I get an email notification of replies and comments and so on, but often I don’t, and it turns out there were a whole load of notifications that I’ve been missing. I wasn’t looking in the right place.

I’m so sorry!! Partly it is because of the poor internet access I had until last month but that’s not entirely to blame. I am very new to blogging and I’m not the best with computers and technology especially if I’m posting from my phone.

You are all so supportive and kind and matter so much to me and I feel really rubbish that I’ve missed so many responses and not replied to you. Please accept my huge apologies and know that I am really thankful for all the time you take to write.

Hugs xxx

Ginny x

2 thoughts on “WHOOPS: An apology from this technology Dodo (…or, doh!-do…)

    1. Thank you Daisy…. indeed they do…
      Do you find that it’s a bit random sometimes whether you get an email notification or just a notification on your site? I follow a few blogs and some of them, I get an email when the writer has posted, or replied to a comment I’ve left, etc, and with others, I never get any emails only notifications on wordpress. For example I never get any notification at all when you have a new post; I sometimes get an email if you comment on my blog but not always and I only get a notification here if you’ve replied to a comment I’ve made. Just never seems to be consistent! Perhaps that just happens or perhaps I’m doing something wrong!
      Anyway, oh well, I know to look in both places now 🙂


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